I found all the eggs!

Eggs in the hole! Hank in the hole!

My first Easter egg hunt and Easter basket at Nana and Pop’s. I was a champion egg hunter!

Mommy made me a pear bunny salad, just like her mommy used to make for her. I ate the pear and the raisin eyes but wouldn’t touch the cottage cheese tail.

I took a historical tour of Boston with the boys yesterday. The highlight was definitely the fountain and the ball.

Uncle Rob came to visit, and I wasted no time putting him on “Caps for Sale” duty.

Highlights from Maggy’s most recent visit: books and dogs in Nana’s bed, lots of balls and, of course, the Magnolia herself!

Happy Easter! Hop hop hop!

Rocking out to my new book! Thank you AT and UC! This has replaced the dancing frog you sent as the new soundtrack at our house.

Lucky me—Nana and Pop came over to babysit last night!