Jumps in Maine.

Playgroup at Lydia’s with Zeke, Calvin and Tillie (and brand-new Natalie nursing in the background). Getting five toddlers to look at the camera at the same time (let alone smile) is basically impossible.

We started off strong but quickly abandoned brush for hands. Think we’ll stick with chalk for now.

Hank’s last day at school. Here’s hoping he likes his new school as much as he liked this one. (Third time’s a charm, right?)

Following in Bea’s footsteps.

Gooey sand art projects can be a little messy.

A boy can never have too many beach outfits.

Hank and Bea, bosom beach buds with the matching sandals to prove it.

Drakes Island, Maine: Land of league champions, beach balls, hermit “frabs” and very happy little boys.

Just a quick photo shoot before we hit the road. (They can’t all be winners.)